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Our Purpose

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Bearing Fruit in All Seasons

Effective retirement planning and implementation is personified by a fruit bearing tree rooted by the water. Our clients are prepared to bear fruit in every season, because we help them establish sound financial strategies that help to protect and strengthen them for the future. They are confident they’ll bear fruit because they have a reliable plan and resources sustaining their financial world—so no matter what happens, they know they’re prepared to thrive.

Strategic planning that is executed efficiently so you can achieve your desired retirement


Our practice is designed to help you build your financial house from the ground up, taking into consideration every aspect of your wealth and fueling it with the right engines for success. A portfolio is not a plan; it’s part of a plan, and we want you to have every resource available to protect your assets and maximize your growth potential.


We put ourselves in your shoes and ask what would be in your best interest not just financially, but operationally—in short, what would make your life easier? The best plans are worthless if they’re never executed, so our goal is to provide an efficient strategy with actionable objectives that helps you get things done.


Your time is your most valuable commodity, and we respect that. Our process is designed to optimize productivity amidst your busy life schedules. We utilize eMeetings in order to integrate multiple touch points without travel burden. By doing so, important work gets done that often can be missed with traditional advisor meeting structure.



  • Trusts — Not Just for Estate Taxes

    In the past, trusts were often used to avoid estate taxes, but that purpose has become less important for most people with current high exemption amounts. However, a properly constructed trust can serve many other purposes for families of more modest means.

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